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We feel there is a need for a website that would provide the informations about the activities of Bengali community here in Toronto. This page is dedicated to that need. Having this page in world wide web means if anybody anywhere in the world like to know about the activities of Bengali community of Toronto, all he has to do is to search for this page.

Updated on Mar 01, 2023


Newcommer's Help Page

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Important Phone Numbers

Health Card: 1-800-664-8988,
TTC Service: 416-393-4636,
Go Transit: 416-869-3200,
Vaughan Transit: 905-832-8526,
Mississauga Transit: 905-615-4636,
Brampton Transit: 905-874-2999,
Oakville Transit: 905-815-2020,
Milton Transit: 905-878-7211,
Toronto Airport: 416-676-3580,
Canada Immigration: 905-676-3911

Important Internet Job Sites

HRDC Job Site
Toronto Jobshop
Job Shark
Neuvoo Canada
More Job Site Links

Family Support Services

A new outfit under Citizenship & Immigration Canada is helping new commers in all respects. For more info, please call (416) 431-4847 ext. 243 or email: office@safss.org

Freequently Asked Questions by Newcomers

Q: How we can find affordable housing ? Alse do we get any help from Bengali Associations?
A: Bengali Associations here fulfill the obligations of cultural and religious needs of the community. To find affordable housing, you are on your own. Our suggestion is, first you decide the area or location where you like to stay and then look for 'for rent' postings in the local grocery stores or pharmacy. And last but not least, you should look at the classified advertisements in Toronto Star or Sun newspaper.
Q: How do we get a Social Insurance Number, Health Card & Social Assistance ?
A: Most newcomers receive an application form for a Social Insurance Number when they first arrive in Canada. If you did not get one, you can apply at any Canada immigration, passport or visa office or at any HRDC office. It takes about 3/4 weeks to get your SIN card. You can apply for a health card at the provincial ministry of health office in your city. See the phone number elsewhere in this page. Social assistance or sometimes called welfare has an eligibility rules and only paid to those who qualify. Social assistance is usually administered through local offices of the provincial or municipal department of social services.
Q: What steps should we take to find a job?
A: Have a resume with realistic description of your skills, education, work and volunteer experiences - Make a description of jobs you want and jobs you would accept while looking for something better - Collect all documents you might need: diplomas, degrees, certificates, letter of recomendation, SIN card, driver's licence, passport - Learn about the labour market of your area - Start and expand a network of people who might be able to direct you toward a job - Check and follow up on advertisements, want ads, and jobs posted in HRDC - Attend Interviews - Phone or write back after interviews - Look for as many jobs as you can rather than wating for a particular job - Keep your hopes up, be positive - Try to improve your command of English/French - Accept a job to gain Canadian experience even if it is not your trade, skill or profession.

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